Bruce Gradkowski: Is Bruce Truly Almighty for the Oakland Raiders at QB?

On Sunday the Oakland Raiders began the day believing they could end the day 1-1 and back on track.  They were playing at home against an opponent who like them selves is young and still developing.  After four quarters of play the Raiders did indeed pull out a victory but not in the way they believed they would.


After moving the ball fairly effectively for a half but failing to score Jason Campbell was benched in the second half for the man many fans are now calling “Bruce Almighty”. 


Last year Bruce Gradkowski was called upon when the QB who will go unnamed was unable to get it done.  All he did when called upon was inspire victory in Pittsburgh, and at home against the Bengals.  His season ended the following week when both knees were injured against the Redskins. 


There’s a lot of people who appreciate what Bruce Gradkowski has done for the Raiders, but don’t believe he can be the guy full time to lead the team.  In the of season the Raiders traded for Jason Campbell acquiring the former first round pick believing he was the future of the franchise. Bruce Gradkowski has been called “undersized”, “injury prone” and was said to lack of arm strength to be a regular NFL QB.  The one important thing that seems to keep getting discounted is winning.  Gradkowski seems to have the X factor.  What the X factor is who knows, but Bruce has whatever it is.


There have been a few comparisons to other quarterbacks both current and former.  The one that seems to be made a lot because of team is Rich Gannon.  People need to remember that Gannon like Gradkowski was often discounted for various reasons.  All Gannon did everywhere he went was work hard and win.  He played on multiple teams before the Raiders and seemed to have succ...

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