Broncos vs. Raiders: Effort Not Enough to Overcome Errors

The Oakland Raiders are a football team under renovation, and there are holes all over the place and key parts missing. When the Raiders took on the souped-up Denver Broncos on Thursday night, no one really expected that they would be able to win the game. The Raider Nation was just hoping for the team to show signs of life after five straight losses.

Characteristically, the Raiders played well in spurts but ultimately buckled, and the much better team pulled away in the second half. The Raiders are now 3-10 after losing 26-13, and the weight of each loss is making the fan base understandably restless.

Unlike some of Oakland’s recent losses, the team did show signs of life, which is a positive sign for the future. For the first time in weeks it seemed like the effort was there, but the team couldn’t overcome itsown errors and deficiencies against a vastly superior opponent.

The roster is still full of dry rot that must be cut out and replaced before things can turn around, and there are also serious questions about some of the men responsible for putting all the pieces together. General Manager Reggie McKenzie will have to address as many of these issues as he can in the offseason, but there are too many for him to possible fix all at once.


The Errors

Carson Palmer turned the ball over twice, which resulted in at least a 10-point swing in the game. Palmer’s interception was an under-thrown pass in the direction of Champ Bailey—a mistake he simply can’t make in such a pivotal moment. The interception squashed Oakland’s threat, and the Broncos would drive to get three points on the next drive.

Palmer’s fumble wasn’t entirely his fault as Von Miller blew passed right tackle Khalif Barnes and knocked it out of his hand. Palmer could have been smart and gotten rid of the ball, but he had no time to make that decision with M...

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