Broncos vs. Raiders: Breaking Down Oakland’s Game Plan

The Week 10 matchup between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos has the potential to be a lopsided contest very early. However, even the winless Raiders can expose some of the Broncos' deficiencies with some clever game-planning.

The Broncos were embarrassed last week by the New England Patriots due to some shrewd scheming and great execution on behalf of the players. The usually poised Peyton Manning was seen with a look of disappointment and despair in the midst of a 43-21 loss.

Manning studies the game in the film room meticulously. During the game, he’s constantly flipping through notes to catch up to what opposing defenses are doing from play to play.

The Patriots decided to give Manning too much to study with very little time for preparation, which should be part of the Raiders' plan Sunday.


Pressure Peyton

The objective is concise and clear, but how can the Raiders apply the pressure? 

According to Ben Volin of the The Boston Globe, New England combined a lot of game plans and rolled them into one unpredictable rotation of defensive schemes Manning didn’t have the time to pick apart:

And Belichick reached deep down into his bag of tricks for this game. Patrick Chung, who usually comes off the field in passing situations? He played 66 of 80 snaps and did a pretty nice job covering Julius Thomas and Wes Welker.

Rob Ninkovich, the team’s best healthy pass rusher? He dropped into zone coverage on a half-dozen snaps and snagged a game-changing interception.

Browner covering the slot? That was a new one.

It kept Manning guessing, and unable to get into a rhythm, despite the gaudy-looking stats.

Manning studied the still photos on the sideline, but it was pointless. He wouldn’t see the same looks for the rest of the game.

The concept seems fairly simple, but t...

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