Bridges Over Troubled Water: Oakland Raiders History

Good games often have great surprises. When you look at the data, you will see that there are some records held by the Oakland Raiders that deserve more attention. In fact, paying attention to what was done and what can be done just might awaken the Oakland Raiders to do something surprising again in 2010.

Here are some of the historical facts:


Longest Rushing Plays Year yards record held 92 Bo Jackson 11-05-89 vs Cincinnati 60 87 91 Bo Jackson 11-30-87 at Seattle 80 89 20 89 Kenny King 10-12-80 vs San Diego 87 91 7 88 Bo Jackson 12-16-90 vs Cincinnati 89 92 2 87 Jack Larschied 10-16-60 vs Boston 90 88 1   Longest Passing Plays Year yards record held increase  99 Jim Plunkett to Cliff Branch 10-02-83 at Washington 62 90 94 George Blanda to Warren Wells 11-10-68 at Denver 63 93 1 3 93 Tom Flores to Dobie Craig 10-20-63 vs New York 68 94 5 1 92 Marc Wilson to Marcus Allen 10-07-84 vs Seattle 83 99 15 5 Cotton Davidson to Dick Dorsey 12-02-62 at San Diego 84 92 1 -7  

As you can see it took about 20 years to break one record in the database of the team. For example, in the category of "Longest Running Plays" Kenny King broke Jack Larschield's record.

In the category of "Longest Passing Plays" two players, Cotton Davidson, and Dick Dorsey made history on Dec. 12, 1962. A 90-yard completed pass made the thunder roar in the stadium.

Now, look at the years that George Blanda brought joy to the Raider Nation. It took 15 years to break the George Blanda-Warren Wells record of a successful 94 yard completed passes. It was a great moment in Raider history.

Looking back at history it took five years for the Blanda-Wells duo to break the earlier record of the Flores-Craig duo. See the chart.

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