Breaking Out or Breaking Down: 10 Players Who May Have a Seesaw Season

Throughout the NFL regular season, many players go through some rough patches in their careers. Like a hitter in baseball, many players suffer through a "football slump" only to come out on the other side looking fresher and more ready than ever. It's always a tough job predicting who will have a "hot-and-cold" type season, but it can be extremely rewarding knowing that somewhere along the line, your prediction has come true. In 2010, many players are poised for breakout years, while others are destined to struggle. Therefore, questions must be asked: Who should we expect to fall into a slump? And which players will have a topsy-turvey style season? It's no easy task, but here is a look at 10 NFL players who may have a seesaw season.Begin Slideshow


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