BREAKING NEWS: Donovan Mcnabb Traded To Washington Redskins

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Donovan Mcnabb to the Washington Redskins today in return for the 37th overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft and either a third or fourth round pick in 2011.

This move is very shocking on so many fronts, one being that many believed that the Oakland Raiders were the frontrunners to land the trade for Donovan Mcnabb. This move is also very shocking because not only was McNabb traded for so cheap but it was a division rival, why in the world would the Philadelphia Eagles trade Donovan Mcnabb within their division blows my mind.

As for the Washington Redskins, many thought that they were looking to land a QB in the NFL draft with the fourth overall pick, but now with McNabb on their roster it gives the Redskins many options in terms of trading down or maybe looking for a top tackle coming out of college.

For Washington, it now proves that this team doesn't believe in QB Jason Campbell and was looking to upgrade all along.

As for the Oakland Raiders, it makes you wonder just what really Al Davis was offering—if anything—for Donovan Mcnabb. As for the Raiders fans who were hoping to land Donovan in a trade, you can now all forget about it.

The Oakland Raiders offense will go into the 2010 training camp without a certified No. 1 starter. Look for Bruce Gradkowski and JaMarcus Russell to battle for that honor. This also next leads us to the NFL draft for the Oakland Raiders.

The thought process for getting McNabb would have been to trade the second round pick, which the Redskins did. Now that we know the Oakland Raiders will keep their second round pick, even more questions will come on to who should the Raiders be looking at.

The Donovan Mcnabb trade is a real bummer to most Raiders fans, it just doesn't make any sense.

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