Both QBs Drafted in First Round of 2007 Draft Now in AFC West

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Brady Quinn is on his way to Denver.

In 2007, JaMarcus Russell and Quinn were on top of the world. Both quarterbacks were projected first-round draft picks, and were looking to get paid.

Russell was drafted first by the Oakland Raiders, a franchise that had gone four consecutive years of losing 11 games or more.

Quinn wasn't as fortunate, his name wasn't called as quickly as he and many other members of the media expected. Finally his hometown team, who already passed on him once to draft tackle Joe Thomas, traded up to draft their QB of the future.

Both players finally had an idea of where their NFL careers would begin. Now flash forward to 2010.

Russell and Quinn have traveled on a bumpy road to start their careers. Both players have fallen out of favor with their coaches and home crowds.

Russell's work ethic is always in question, and his play on the field has not been consistent.

Brady backed up Derek Anderson for two years, before starting in 2009 and then being benched.

Nowadays, you see Brady more on commercials than you do on the field.

Nowadays, you see Russell's name being thrown around with Ryan Leaf more than fellow SEC player Peyton Manning.

Both players have an opportunity to salvage their careers in 2010. There is sure to be a QB competition in Oakland, and now there may be one in Denver.

In 2007 they shared the same dream of being a starter in the NFL and being the face of a franchise. Now as 2010 comes closer, they share the same nightmare of being a first round draft choice who never fully worked out.

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UPDATE: Browns have traded OLB Kamerion Wimbley to Raiders for undisclosed draft pick according to Adam Schefter ESPN.

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