Big Apple Let Down: New York Jets’ Interest in JaMarcus Russell ‘Dismal’

Ah, getting back to the old routine, isn't it great?  Here I am, back at the helm, writing more articles and once again commenting on JaMarcus Russell's situation. 

In my time away, I found myself pondering the NFL a little during my everyday travels. 

At times, I couldn't help but feel out of the loop a little, as if I may have missed some kind of Brett Favre signing news, or a new possibility for still homeless wide receiver Terrell Owens to sign with this season.

However, now that I have returned, I have come to the conclusion that the NFL world is as boring as everyday life. 

Sure it isn't as dull as sitting through a 20-inning baseball game during the cold months in St. Louis, but for the most part nothing much happens, and when it does, it normally takes weeks for any real headline to form.

So here we are, edging closer to the regular season.  Most teams are willing and eager for the season to begin, while others have a few loose ends to tie up before September rolls around the corner.

But aside from teams themselves though, this NFL offseason has been notable due to the struggles that just about each and every player has faced thus far.

Yes, Brett Favre is still unsure of his decision, and yes, Terrell Owens may never play in the NFL again, but what about the forgotten "soldiers" of the NFL?

Well, I guess calling JaMarcus Russell a soldier is a little bit of a stretch, but still, doesn't he still deserve some kind of playing time in what appears to be his final chance in the NFL?

Maybe, after all this question is quite debatable, but personally I feel that despite JaMarcus' struggling early years with the Oakland Raiders, he does deserve that final second chance to prove himself in this ever-so-tough league.

So let me ask you all a question, where does JaMarcus Russell sign in 2010?

It's a question that ...

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