Best Thing To Happen in Oakland: Donovan McNabb Goes To Washington

Well, you had to assume it would happen this way.

Donovan McNabb moved, but not to a coach who used to be with the Raiders.

Mike Shanahan, the new coach in Washington, just landed McNabb in a trade that involves draft picks, and no CB that costs $16 million for one season.

As things stand though, this may be the best thing that could happen for the Raiders.

How's that?

Well for one, our CB is still the all-world Nnamdi Asomugha. For two, we still have the number eight slot in the draft and we know what Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye have in store. JaMarcus Russell is a question mark, but that should be discovered in training camp. Good or bad, we'll know.

Sure, Donovan McNabb is a great QB, but at the same time what happens if he goes out in week two and breaks an ankle? What if he hits the infield dirt and shreds a knee?

Congrats, we just bought a benchwarmer with a $9 million contract and no CB to defend with.

As things stand, Oakland now can go back to plan A: Using the draft to find some tackles on offense and defense, look for a late round WR, or even a QB as a backup.

And we'll still have Asomugha annoying opposing QBs for next season.

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