BenJarvus Green-Ellis to Raiders: Why Ex-Patriots RB Would Look Good in Oakland

Sports media as a whole always seem so impressed with the New England Patriots and how they manage the structure of their team.

So if they’re so impressive, what in the heck are they doing setting running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis loose on the free-agent market?

New England is the team that, as contributor Michael Stadlam put it, “seems to know how to get the most from his fairly limited talents.”

Then why the Pats chose not to sign the 26-year-old running back, who knows.

Maybe it’s because they’ve been too busy trying to slap the franchise tag on that icy-eyed Wes Welker fellow. Or it could be because they’re content with RBs Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen.

So now, The Law Firm is poised for the market and ready to be scooped up.

Now normally, the Oakland Raiders won’t touch anything Patriot-esque with a 10-foot pole. (Well, except to snag a fourth-round draft choice for Randy Moss back in 2007. Which as we all know, didn’t turn out so lovely for New England.)

And it has been speculated that the Pats have already made Green-Ellis an offer that he’s “not so comfortable with.”

But he’s still going to test the market, looking at other possible suitors.

Here are a couple reasons why BJGE would look good in a Silver & Black jersey:



One thing that keeps BenJarvus Green-Ellis somewhat under the radar is that he spent the last four seasons playing on a pass-happy team.

His efforts in the run game were constantly overshadowed by the passing yards racked up by receiver Welker and tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

The Firm will be coming from a team ranked 20th in the NFL for rushing yards. And on the seventh-ranked Raiders, Green...

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