As Raiders Head for Historic Low, Drastic Changes Should Be Considered

After a 23-13 loss to the Cleveland Browns Sunday, the Oakland Raiders have lost 13 straight games dating back to last season. That’s the worst streak in franchise history and one of the 15 worst in the history of the NFL.

There were positives from Sunday’s game just as there have been positives this season, but a few positives don’t mean much when the team is 0-7 and marching toward 0-16. The only team with a sub-.500 record the Raiders play over the final nine games is the St. Louis Rams, but they play them on the road.

If the Raiders don’t win a game this season, they will own the second-worst losing streak in NFL history. That’s the kind of futility that demands drastic changes. The Raiders need a franchise-altering change to help expel 12 years with at least eight losses, which they will likely achieve next week—the fourth-longest streak in NFL history.

The Raiders are already committed to major changes in 2015, but no change should be too big to be off the table. Owner Mark Davis should consider having a neutral third party evaluate the football operations, including his role, the performance of the front office and the performance of the coaching staff. Davis' most trusted advisers may not be good enough. 

The knee-jerk reaction is to just fire everyone and start fresh, but that’s not always the best course of action. It’s actually what got the Raiders into the mess they are currently in. The Raiders fired then-head coach Hue Jackson, blew up the roster and changed all the schemes when McKenzie was hired just over two years ago.

Some of the moves have been wise, but some may have actually hurt the Raiders. Poorly performing teams aren’t void of positive performing members. Look no further than the performance of rookie first-round pick Khalil Mack to see that the performance of an individual doesn’t always result in the performance of t...

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