Are the Oakland Raiders Jinxed?

Are the Raiders the most jinxed team in the NFL?

Actually, yes! It had to be one team, and sadly, yes, it is the Raiders!

For years Al Davis has said publicly that not only the media but the referees as well have been against the Raiders. And I'm not so sure I disagree.

Okay, the scouting staff should be fired immediately, that's a given, and yes, JaMarcus Russell should pay back the Raiders organization $9 million, but that's another story.

The truth of the matter is that the Raiders organization loses 74 percent of the time on calls by the referees. Is this fair? Even as a Charger fan, I have to say no!

Is the media to blame? Is it the image created, Raider Nation? The Black Hole? Skull patrol? Is the Raiders team the "Perennial Bad Guy?" Apparently so!

Whenever there is a controversial call, there is one thing I can say as a matter of fact: THE RAIDERS WILL COME UP ON THE LOSING END!

This has been in effect from the 1970s and Franco Harris' Steelers' "immaculate reception" to the 2000s and the "Brady-Tuck rule."

As an innocent bystander I can say this: The Raiders were screwed. Harris didn't catch that pass anymore than Brady didn't, and every fan of football knows it.

These two calls have kept the Raiders out of two Super Bowls. And that has been well documented. Has any team been more penalized than the Raiders? No!

So are the Raiders jinxed? It's a very uncomfortable question. Is Al Davis right, are there conspirators against the Raiders' success? Perhaps the answer is "yes."

Is this unacceptable? Yes!

True, many teams have met this fate. The Lions, Browns, and Falcons, to name a few, have all accepted the fate of failure.

Yet the Raiders fans battle on. Like pirates on the main deck of a pirate ship, they hold on until the ship has sunk. Are the loyal fans of the Raiders team keeping the whole organizatio...

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