Are the Oakland Raiders Getting Help from Division Foes?

The Raiders are getting help in their quest to win the division title this year. The draft and free agency look to be the completion of the Raiders' long rebuilding process.  

The head coaching spot is stable as Tom Cable will continue to lead Raider Nation. Cable will have a better supporting cast with the additions of offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and defensive line coach Mike Waufle.

Believe it or not, what the Raiders have done isn't even the best part. The Raiders actually appear to be getting help from outside.

Where is it coming from?

It's looks like it's coming from the other AFC west teams. 

The Kansas City Chiefs don't really count. They have been at the bottom of the division for the last couple of years. As far off as they appear to be, their rebuilding process seems to be going well.

It all started last year with GM Scott Pioli being brought to Kansas City from New England. He then hired 2008 NFC champion Arizona Cardinal offensive coordinator Todd Haley to be the head coach.

After a great year of filling in for injured Tom Brady in New England, quarterback Matt Cassel was brought in, with plans to build the offense around him. Cassel found things to be a little more difficult without Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and a line to protect him.

Cassel was paired with a young weapon in receiver Dwayne Bowe, but he was not available for the entire season. Bowe was suspended for four games for taking a banned diuretic.

Barring another suspension, we'll see if Cassell and Bowe can develop a connection. This year he will have Thomas Jones to get the running game going. They still appear to have holes on the offensive line, so we will see how this offense fares in 2010. 

Defensively, they have helped...

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