Are Oakland Raiders Running Recruiting Campaign at Camp Near Atlanta?

As many of you have already read, Richard Seymour and Jason Campbell are hosting practices during the lockout in a suburb outside of Atlanta.

The practice are being held at the Buford High Football Field, the same facilities being used by the Atlanta Falcons for the same purpose.

As it stands right now, an impressive 34 Raiders have attended the camp, including: Taiwan Jones, Stefan Wisniewski, Chimdi Chekwa, Richard Gordon, Daniel Loper, Rolando McClain, Bruce Campbell, Marcel Reece, Rock Cartwright, Kamerion Wimbley, Quentin Groves, Darren McFadden, Kyle Boller, Nick Miller, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Jacoby Ford, among others.

Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan was even impressed by the Raiders' turnout.

Even more impressive, not only were Raiders at these practices but so were players from all over the NFL.

Reportedly, 30 non-Raiders attended the practices, including, but not limited to: Javon Walker, Ike Taylor, James Farrior, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Santonio Holmes.

DeSean Jackson and Andre Johnson have reportedly been trying to recruit Nnamdi Asomugha to join their teams. Now is the perfect time for Seymour and the Raiders to return the favor by recruiting free agents attending their workouts in Georgia.

Though the Raiders aren't in desperate need of a corner like Taylor, and I doubt they would give Javon Walker a second try, they could very well use the talents of a receiver like Holmes.

In my opinion, the Raiders should not only be doing their best to learn the playbook and build camaraderie, but they should be evaluating the talent of all the free agents attending their camp.

On an off-topic note, Bruce Campbell lined up at right tackle instead of guard.

“I am going to practice both positions, but I am going to practice more so at tackle because I haven’t done it in a year,” Campbell said.

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