Albert Haynesworth, Headed To The Oakland Raiders?


When Albert Haynesworth shunned the Redskins' voluntary offseason program, the Redskins’ old-school hard-knuckled coach Mike Shanahan took offense.

In return, Shanahan devised a plan for payback which included a nonsensical timed conditioning test that he knew was nearly impossible to complete within the allotted time.

Next, Shanahan demoted Haynesworth to a backup role.

On Saturday night against the Baltimore Ravens, Haynesworth entered the game in the third quarter with the backups. The disgruntled defensive lineman responded, "Third quarter. I'm a ninth-year pro. I don't think I should have been out there in the third quarter. But, for having 'headaches' again, that was what they wanted to do."

Shanahan’s only response was, "He wasn't going to play with the first or second team for obvious reasons. He's going to have to earn his way to play with that group."

When asked about Shanahan’s decision to hold him out of the first half of Saturday night’s game, Haynesworth said, "I don't know. I guess (to) make yourself look good, I don't know. Make me look bad for not going to their offseason conditioning program. But, I mean, next year I'm not coming either. “

And the consensus is that Haynesworth won’t have to attend the Redskins’ program next year because he will be elsewhere—which brings the Raiders into the equation.

Raiders’ owner Al Davis has a history of picking up the ‘NFL Bad Boys’ and during the 2010 off-season he has already picked up two former Redskins in quarterback Jason Campbell and running-back Rock Cartwright.

After Matt Forte shredded the Raiders defense Saturday night, averaging well over 20 yards per carry, it’s apparent that the Raiders are still in need of help against the run. With Haynesworth anchored beside Richard Seymour, the Raiders would ...

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