Al Davis Wants Happy Days Here Again for the Oakland Raiders

On Oct. 4, 2008, the New York Daily News reported this quote:

"Al Davis won't be happy unless John Madden is his coach and Daryle Lamonica is throwing bombs to Warren Wells and Fred Biletnikoff and they can all bring back the glory days of the Raiders.

"That's when the Raiders built their mystique, when "Commitment to Excellence" had a little bite to it..."

This article was published during the time Davis fired Lane Kiffin.

The record that year was 5-11 in the win-loss category; it was the same in 2009.

Well, Davis doesn't have Madden, Lamonica, Wells or Biletnikoff.

Can he find those types and talents in that combination to build the team again?

Why not ask Madden, Lamonica, Wells, and Biletnikoff to look at the draft choices and trades in their respective positions and see what they say about the "fit"?

All of them are still alive and doing well.

Everything else has been tried, now try to bring the "majic" back to the team by bringing in that dynamic quartet of outstanding retirees, all in one place at one time, once again.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to get their opinions and advice if Davis and Cable would only listen.

If Davis and even Cable don't listen in 2010, we just may go around and round in a merry-go-round again!

Go Raiders!

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