Al Davis, The Risk-Taker Who Pushes the Envelope

Great men often make decisions that are controversial. They see farther and deeper.

Al Davis is described by many as a risk-taker. There is nothing wrong with that description. Davis just needs someone around him who knows risk analysis, and risk management. Apparently, some of those around him are lacking those skills.

The ability to take risks, and push performance to a phenomenal level is a gift that is probably innate.

Once in Davis' career, he had the almost perfect blend of talent and of others who were risk takers. Those were the years when everything worked well for the Oakland Raiders.

Although some people tag Davis as a risk-taker, I believe he may be more of a type who "pushes the envelope."

This means Davis may be thinking in the following way. Be patient and simply read this definition, remembering that our readership is at all levels:


"The envelope here isn't the container for letters, but the mathematical envelope, which is defined as 'the locus of the ultimate intersections of consecutive curves'. In a two-dimensional example, the set of lines described by the various positions of a ladder sliding down a wall forms an this case, an arc, gently curving away from the intersection of the wall and floor. Inside that envelope you will be hit by the ladder; outside you won't.

"(Note for the mathematically inclined: it might seem intuitive that the centre point of the ladder would follow that same arc. In fact it describes a circle centred around the origin)."


This concept was developed in the military. It means that some decisions will keep you in a safe place, while others, although somewhat risky, will take you to a phenomenally successful and rewarding new place. This type of thinking can work in professional football.

Now, many of you may know that Davis was a member of the U. S. Army and t...

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