Al Davis Spices Up Raider’s Staff Every Two Years

A study of the Oakland Raiders' coaching heritage might give us more insight into the trends and patterns of the the team's coaching experiences.

This article focuses on just one aspect of the coaches' tenures—the number of years, and the number of games are listed.

Everyone knows that Al Davis' input and decisions can truncate a Raider coach's career. The cuts or terminations certainly spice things up, and burn the tongue of those men who failed to deliver victories in Oakland.

This is Part Two of an article that was published a few days ago. One of the B/R members posted a comment which inspired this piece.

His research revealed that Mike Shanahan coached only three games in 1989. As a follow-up, this writer discovered that Shanahan coached four games. The reference for this data is the Pro Football Encyclopedia .

More data has been added to the chart. The updated chart shows the total number of games each coach presided over.

Years           Period             Name

2                1960-1961    Erdelatz

2                1961-1962    Feldman

1                1962             Conkright

3                1963-1965    Davis

3                1966-1968    Rauch

10        &nbs...

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