Al Davis’ Overhaul Of Raiders Coaching Continues: John Marshall Latest Victim

And so it continues to change in Oakland.

John Marshall, who worked to rebuild the Raiders run defense is now unemployed, after being told that his contract, like Tom Cable's would not be renewed.

To some this is a shock, given that on some Sundays the Raiders looked great on defense.

Against Kansas City and Denver, the Raiders' defense managed to lock up the Chiefs' tandem of backs, winning both games. At other times the Raiders defense looked tired and old, best seen by the tear that Ricky Williams put in in Oakland.

The hardest part about gauging why this move was made, is that when the Raiders' offense was active, the Raiders defense could hold its own—staying off the field and being able to execute plays better.

In games against the Steelers or the 49ers for example, the Raiders' offense played many three-and-outs, causing the defense to become tired and allowing the opposition to run at will.

To date, the only major name that has been circulating in the defensive coordinator spot has been Rob Ryan, former DC in Oakland. But now with the Ravens out of the playoffs, questions start to circulate if Hue Jackson, slated to be elevated to head coach, can lure any of their coaching staff to Oakland.

Some speculation also resides if the Raiders can bring back any free agents. As of yet, there hasn't been nearly the outcry when Cable was cut...but it is a wonder if any of the defensive free agents are interested in coming back for a new coaching style...if the new coach opts for a complete overhaul.

It should be interesting next week. Details out of the Bay Area, via the San Francisco Chronicle have the Raiders elevating Hue Jackson soon...but as it was with Tom Cable...will Hue be allowed to do his work, or will Al be picking his own men, once again?

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