Al Davis Needs To Give All Candidates a Look Before Giving Cable His Extension

It would seem as though some Raider fans believe that retaining Tom Cable this offseason is, without a doubt, the best thing for the Oakland Raiders.

They feel that after another losing season that he deserves an extension because the team is behind him; they also don't even want to consider the other coaching candidates out there.

But going about things this way would be a huge mistake.

Their are numerous coaching candidates out there worthy of at least being given a look and the Raiders should interview all of them.

Now, don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that the Raiders need to just give Tom Cable the boot. Tom Cable needs to be one of these candidates as well, as does Hue Jackson.

For one, there is an old fable many Raider fans like to tell that suggests no legitimate head coach will come to Oakland while Al Davis is here. If this has any truth to it, then Tom Cable may very well be the Raiders' best option.

But if it is nothing more than an old wives' tale, then there are at least a dozen head coaches worth giving a look, including names like: Hue Jackson, Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Leslie Frazier, Jason Garrette, Brian Billick, Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Tom Coughlin and Ron Rivera.

Giving Tom Cable an extension without even giving any of these guys a look would be a huge mistake.

The Raiders coaching situation needs to be handled as a competition between Tom Cable, Hue Jackson and whatever other candidates the Raiders can attract. Then Al Davis needs to sign the head coach that represents the brightest future for the Raiders.

And if that coach turns out to be Tom Cable, then so be it; if not, then the Raiders will be better off with whoever is chosen.

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