Al Davis Makes a Well-Founded Decision To Make Hue Jackson the Head Coach

You can go to and see it for yourself. Al Davis will announce his choice of head coach for the Oakland Raiders. The resume for Hue Jackson is outstanding.

On this day, Jan. 17, 2011, so many of us are happy. By making a choice of a man who is qualified to do the job and who demonstrated his ability to move from theory to practice, the Oakland Raiders are headed in the right direction after all.

Let's congratulate Davis for making what looks like a wise choice that will, hopefully, give the Oakland Raiders the consistency they need for 2011.

The players, I have read, are quite comfortable with the fire and style of Jackson. No doubt that fire will get turned up in 2011, and it will metaphorically burn away any impurities and imperfections in the game plan of the Oakland Raiders.

There is an old story about the procedure to get the impurities out of gold. The goldsmith turns the fire up. He turns the fire high, and the heat drives the impurities to the surface of the golden liquid. 

The impurities, under the leadership of the "head coach," rise up to the surface. The goldsmith scoops off the impurities. He stares into the pot of gold, and when it is ready, he will be able to see his reflection.

Jackson has an opportunity to turn the fire up, and teach and transfer his wisdom to the young, talented and eager players.

May the best man win is a phrase that has been used through the years. In a highly competitive profession when the stakes are high, the main thing to focus on is "getting the job done."

We are expecting great things from Jackson. His experience at both the collegiate level and the NFL level should make him very effective during the draft. He ought to be able to pick players who can quickly transition to professional football in the Oakland Raiders style.

Good things are happening in the Raider Nation. Go Raiders and set...

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