Al Davis: Love Him or Leave Him, He Must Be Going Along with the Program

On the one hand, folks say that Al Davis runs the Oakland Raiders. Then, some think he may not have agreed with the benching of the starter quarterback.

The two ideas can not co-exist. If a decision was made and executed, it may not be mutiny, but harmony to get the job done.

I believe that Al Davis is being convinced that a change is going to come. He is a point of constancy for the Oakland Raiders. With him at the helm all of these years, except for the past seven years, he did something right.

I truly believe that some type of rotational system using the quarterbacks needs to be put in place. Too much is at stake to let a player who may be having a tough time, for whatever reasons, stay in the game so long that the Oakland Raiders lose the game.

There is a depth chart. Can't it be used for more than the incidents of injury? Why not use it when you see that the performance of a quarterback is questionable.

Also, why is it that the O-Line seems to be performing better with Bruce Gradkowski? Are leadership skills the issue?

Both physicality and mentality are important in professional football. If a player cannot handle the stress of the situation or if he can not rally his teammates to react and perform to get the job done, then use the player who has that knack to get the job done. It's simple.

Talk is cheap. Titles don't mean much to some of us. Performance is supreme.

Whoever can do the job, must do the job.

It seems that Al Davis is a realist. Time is short and this pattern must be broken. So, love him or leave him (Al Davis, that is) but certainly he must have agreed with the quick switch of quarterback after halftime.

It was a wise decision. Without a doubt, the best man will win, so there is a chance Campbell will bond and connect with his teammates and get the job done.

There is a chance, too, that the other players will le...

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