Al Davis Has Raider Nation Fooled…Again

In the famous words of former U.S. President, George W. Bush, "There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again."

Well Al Davis is at it again. Just when Raider Nation is up to it's neck in Bruce Gradkowski versus JaMarcus Russell debates, Davis throws in a wild card.  Donovan McNabb is on Mr. Davis' radar, and Davis doesn't care if McNabb wants to come to Oakland or not.

The sneaky Davis is ready to win now, and only he knows how not to do it. Davis isn't shy to make a huge offseason trade to bring in a big name. Normally when you get burned by the fire once you don't want to touch it again, or do you?

Luckily for Davis the only pain he feels is the pain from not learning any lessons (not sure if that is a real pain). He has brought in players like Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall, and Richard Seymour via trade in the offseason. All players were proven and tremendous talents, like McNabb.

So far its safe to say that he fails a lot more than he succeeds. Now Davis is trying to trade for McNabb, and it really leaves more questions than answers for the Raiders.

Is McNabb just a one-year rental, to help JaMarcus Russell grow? Or is Russell on his way out for the Raiders?

What about Bruce Gradkowski? Not only do Raider fans feel he did enough to be the starter next year, but he also wants to be a Raider, unlike McNabb.

Will Gradkowski be the backup? Will he have have to change numbers or will he be the casualty of this horrible move?

Is Nnamdi Asomogha involved in the trade? Who steps up if Asomugha is gone?

The Raiders are not a QB away from winning anything other than maybe three or four more games. There are still a lot of missing pieces to this team, and McNabb seems to know this.

Did Davis forget the Rai...

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