Al Davis: Has He Learned His Lesson?

And no, no one in their right mind would say this to his face.

Al Davis never learns a lesson, from anyone...he simply adapts things to "his" point of view.

Recently an article had appeared, mentioning the Raiders were giving up on the stopwatch, long thought of Al Davis' primary tool for judging talent for the Raiders.

Looking at past mistakes, ranging from Darrius Heyward-Bey to Carlos Francis, speed is one thing that Al Davis has always loved...just like winning.

After a number of losing seasons though, Al Davis was rather give up on speed, if it meant he had the chance to win again.

Reading into this aspect a bit further, Al had a similar problem, during the early '70s and John Madden's style of play. When Madden first took over as head coach, he kept the hallmark of Davis football, the wide open offense.

Sure, it won games...but it only could go so far.

Madden, noticing this problem, started to develop a more hard-nosed approach to football, the grinding, punishing style of Raiders football that worked as well.

Surprisingly, even with winning Davis didn't like it...but he could recognize that it was working...add in the ring from 1976, and it wasn't a question anymore that Raiders football had changed.

While Al Davis has had a long-term love affair with speed and it's primary use, stretching the field, he's also learned that there is a time to go back to the roots and a time to stick to what has worked.

Since things are no longer working with speed...Davis is realizing it's time to put away the watch...and find some pure football players to draft.

Just don't tell Al Davis that. He'll deny it.

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