Al Davis and Tom Cable Know ESPN and NFL Network Will Never Get It

The 2010 regular season just ended and Adam Schefter is already reporting that, "according to sources," Al Davis will not keep Tom Cable as head coach of his Oakland Raiders. 

Schefter isn't alone on this one; Chris Mortensen, Jason La Canfora and Michael Lombardi are a few of the big name NFL Mediots that have reported the same fabricated story.

It was just last year that everyone in the media was reporting that Al Davis would dismiss Tom Cable as soon as the season was over. Well the season ended, Black Monday passed and Tom Cable was still with the Raiders. 

Then they started reporting that "Tom Cable will be fired within the next few days." As the days kept passing by, the media had to come up with another story. 

They then started saying that Al Davis is stuck with Tom Cable because nobody else wants to coach in Oakland. 

As the media kept on reporting their fabricated stories, Al Davis and Tom Cable knew all along who was going to be the head coach in the upcoming season. After all, while the media was making these false reports, Tom Cable was in Oakland working and then at the Senior Bowl scouting prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Here we are a year later and the media still hasn't learned from last season.

Tom Cable and Al Davis both know who will be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders next season. Al Davis knows that Tom Cable has this team on the right path. He knows Cable is the right man to lead his team.

In years past, the Oakland Raiders were terrible and Al Davis knew he had to shake things up. That's why he kept changing coaches and signing big name free agents.

Al Davis doesn't have to shake things up this year. This team is on the cusp of becoming an elite team once again. All the Raiders need is another successful draft and a couple of key acquisitions. 

The Raiders will be a dominan...

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