Al Davis and Oakland Raiders: Where Do We Go From Here? Up, We Hope!

A Pep Talk in 2011

When I was a child, I was curious. I always asked, "Why?" Sometimes, I got that look from my elders, that made me know that if I pushed them, there would be some type of reprimand.

Well, many of us in the Raider Nation are curious and some are puzzled. So many transitions are difficult to process. The question is, "Where do the Oakland Raiders go from here?" Up, we hope!

Some of us wonder if the loud voices of fans, the strong opinions, for example, of the Bleacher Report writers make a difference in what is decided in the Oakland Raiders franchise.

If those opinions and editorials have made a difference then someone from the front office should let us know.

Many of us acknowledge the progress that has been made. Since some of us perceive ourselves as super achievers we really did want the Oakland Raiders to make the playoffs this year, or sometime in the near future.

Pulling for the Oakland Raiders is somewhat like pulling for the overnight success of the once homeless man named Ted Williams. Williams had a career, then loss everything, and now in 2011 it looks like he is on his way up the social ladder, again.

The Oakland Raiders once struggled and now there are lights at the end of the tunnel, we believe, and in 2011 we hope that they will have a type of "overnight" success. Why not hope for a playoff and another Super Bowl win? Like one motto of a military entity, "Aim high."

"High five" to you and here I go again, looking at the videos and data, trying to find the good in what has been done over the past few weeks.

Someone told me when I was a child that I like challenges and to help people with challenges. Well, maybe that's why I am a dedicated fan of the Oakland Raiders. They have been challenged.

Oh what a day it will be when they finally reach a pinnacle of success, again. Go Raiders!

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