Al Davis: Aging Owner Refuses to Drink from Fountain of Youth

Al Davis is facing a crisis that is rapidly reaching an epic level.

The aging owner has watched his beloved Raiders be ridiculed and mocked, and the downward spiral has spanned seven long seasons.

Although much of the blame lies on his shoulders, it seems that his supporting cast has no interest in bringing the franchise back from the brink to its once dominating, in-your-face brand of football.

To say Davis still has a hand in day-to-day operations would be a gross exaggeration. One fan described Davis' fifty-foot walk from his limo to the front door as "heartbreaking." He said that Davis would stop every few feet and lean heavily on his walker to catch his breath while he engaged and talked to fans. His mind is still sharp, but his body has become weak and requires much rest.

Recently, former quarterback Rich Gannon reached out to Davis, offering his help to try to salvage any fragment of hope that JaMarcus Russell may still live up to his potential. John Herrera, who has suddenly become Davis' mouthpiece, suggested that Gannon was the one who needed help. 

Herrera and Davis' relationship bears a shocking resemblance to the Lord of the Rings characters King Theodin and Grima Wormtongue. At one point last season, Herrera tried to ban Gannon from a game that Gannon was covering for CBS.

Former Raider receiver Tim Brown has also offered his services, only to be turned away as well. In the past, Davis has embraced just about all his former players and coaches despite some having harsh criticism towards the owner and organization. However, since Herrera has been speaking for Davis, any and all assistance has been turned away.

Raiders CEO Amy Trask has been doing her part too. She seems to be ignoring the fact that Raider games at the Oakland Coliseum have been blacked out most of the season.

She hasn't noticed that most jumbotrons in today's NFL not only have the capab...

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