After a Decade of Woes the 2010 Raiders Are on Track To Becoming Elite

 The NFL season is getting nearer and if you are an Oakland Raider fan 2010 may prove to be a huge turn in the opposite direction. Opposite of what? Opposite of poor coaching, poor player performance and just watching the once elite Oakland Raider fall from grace.

  I had written an article mentioning how the loyal Raider fans only had the shadow of the 60's, 70's, 80's and even 90's Oakland Raider teams to keep spirit alive. the shadow however was becoming weaker and weaker.

  There were many times that the Oakland Raiders had imported so-called talent to get back to its pedestal, only to fall even farther and become the butt of opponent jokes.

  Names like Aaron Brooks, Kerry Collins , Warren Sapp, Javon "knocked out " Walker , Lorenzo Neal, Randy Moss and even a number one NFL draft pick QB JaMarcus Russell were brought in to bring the team back. All huge failures. Randy Moss was probably a player the Raiders should have retained but Kerry Collins threw the ball and exposed Moss to serious damage by the San Diego Charger secondary and hope was lost.

  As a fan of the Oakland Raiders it became more and more difficult to purchase opening game tickets ( 8 years) and only see a very, very weak defensive line crumble, an imaginary offense and watch QB's scramble to save their lives.

  Art Shell even tried a comeback and actually I will always respect Art Shell. However the coaches underneath him were simply unworthy, particularly Mr.Bed and Breakfast. Then there was Lane Kiffin and I will simply stop there.

  So what positive actions have the Raiders done to get it fans all riled up? Are the Oakland Raiders really back on track to becoming the elite team they had always been in the past?

   The answer is yes! How so? To begin with the Oakland Raider had an amazing draft.

   I am sure that the fans were simply astounded...

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