AFC West: Ranking the Quarterbacks

Along with my series, entitled "Biggest Strengths of NFL Teams," I will be ranking each position in the AFC West. I am most familiar with the division, as I am a diehard Raider fan.

Also, the last line of each ranking is a 'joke'. Whether or not they're funny is almost as perplexing a decision as to what shirt you're going to wear in the morning...

To start it off, here are the quarterbacks.


1. Phillip Rivers

This is a no-brainer. The guy has the moxie, the arm, and the respect of his teammates. Rivers has a fantastic arm, and puts great touch on his deep balls.

Rivers also excels in his play action. He tucks the ball behind his hip better than almost anyone else who plays the position. 

A concern this season is not about Rivers' play, but the absence of Marcus McNeil and Vincent Jackson.

Both players will likely miss every game until Week 10. McNeil, protecting the blindside, is a major part of Rivers pass protection. McNeil is a massive left tackle whose biggest strength are his freakishly long arms and great feet.

Rivers may be running for his life out there without McNeil.

Rivers can often be compared to the Mississippi. He throws a long deep ball. (Booooooo) Sorry, it was the best I could do.


2. Kyle Orton

It's pretty much of a logjam after Rivers.

Orton doesn't have a great arm, isn't super accurate, and basically doesn't show any physical qualities of a necessary starting quarterback.

Why is he ranked No. 2 on this list? A simple answer: He wins.

No matter if he's been in Chicago or Denver, he always seems to win. In fact his record as a starter is 30-20, despite not having great receiving options in Chicago.

But he also led the Broncos to a 2-6 record after Week 6. Now I realize the defense was disheartening, but the Broncos still only sco...

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