AFC West 2010 Preview and Predictions

The AFC West has been weak for some time now.

The Chargers have ruled the division; the last time they weren't in first was 2005.

The weaker teams have been the Raiders and Chiefs, while Denver has been that team that doesn't quite get there...or choke when they have the chance to.

However, the Raiders and Chiefs have made strives to be better this upcoming season.

The Broncos will be the Broncos; don't count them out.

Consensus is that the Chargers will win this division. While I generally agree with that, I also think that there will be a battle for #2 and a Wild Card spot.

So here are my predictions for the AFC West teams this upcoming season, along with thoughts of what they've done and can do. Enjoy!

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Don't worry, Chiefs fans. This will be your last year at the bottom (coming from a Raiders fan!). Kansas City is a rebuilding team that I see contending in about 3 years.  They have problems on both sides of the ball: mainly in the trenches. In spite of adding Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey, the Chiefs' line is sub-par. They need to add a pure dominator like Albert Haynesworth to solidify that defense. A nickel corner would really help that secondary out, although I do like Javier Arenas for them. Now to offense. I'd say that Matt Cassel is an average player at best. There is a reason that he didn't start since high school. Some argue he backed up great players. Well, that means he didn't have the talent to win some competitions. The O-Line was improved with the addition of Asomoah but tackle is still a problem. Overall, the Chiefs are a team that made improvements this off-season, but still need some tweaks here and there to become a winning team .

Prediction: 4-12 at worst, 6-10 at best


3. Denver Broncos

Denver is getting worse every year. First, they lose Shanny; then, they lose Cutler...

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