Action Jackson and the Oakland Raiders

Hue Jackson, the new offensive coordinator for the Raiders, was hired to provide Oakland with better play calling and instill more confidence within this young team. Confidence and having the ability to communicate with players has been a very critical part of Jackson, being able to build trust with players and helping them develop. 

He's worked as a RB's coach, WR's coach, QB coach, and offensive coordinator. His track record as a position coach has been exceptional—his track record as an OC has not been as exceptional. However, he's had two opportunities and each one would be extremely difficult for anyone to take on, so I have to give him a couple of mulligans. He had bad luck twice. 

His first time as "offensive coordinator", he was under Steve Spurrier with the Redskins and clearly not the actual offensive coordinator. His QB Patrick Ramsey was another first round draft pick that turned into a bust. 

Jackson's second stint as offensive coordinator was with the Falcons, but Vick was suspended for the season a month before the season started. Instead, he was given Joey Harrington, another first round bust to work with. Harrington had the best season of his career completing over 60 percent of his passes (not a good season, but an improvement for Joey). 

Now in his third stint as offensive coordinator for Oakland, he has been given every opportunity to put his stamp on this offense, and has a QB for more capable than either Patrick Ramsey or Joey Harrington to lead the offense.

Word out of the OTA's is that Hue Jackson has been implementing a lot of plays which have come from Baltimore. These plays are about power blocking and attacking the defense. Jackson is being given the chance to really help the offense take the next step in their development and become an offense that teams have to game plan against each week.

Given his development of Chad O...

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