Aaron Curry: Can the Revitalized Linebacker Adapt to a 3-4 Defense?

Throughout the day, the Raiders have been working ferociously to get the salary cap situated.  They fixed the "out of whack" deals of Richard Seymour, Michael Huff and Carson Palmer.  Following those moves, the Raiders released Chris Johnson and Hiram Eugene.

Now, the Raiders can add to the growing list of players who are willing to restructure their deals for the better of the team.

After a long day of negotiations, Aaron Curry tweeted out that he and the Raiders restructured his deal.  Before the deal, Curry was set to make $5.8 million.  Details about the new deal has not been released yet, but I'm predicting a long-term extension.  Curry wanted to be a Raider, and the Raiders wanted him.

But now that we know Curry will be a Raider in 2012, we have to start looking towards the future.  While there still is no report whether the Raiders will play in a 3-4, it's largely speculated.  That raises the big question; can Aaron Curry be effective in a 3-4 defense?

Aaron Curry is definitely an interesting player.  Curry is a good run defender, but can be a liability in the passing game.  He isn't especially skilled at rushing the passer, either, which is important for an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.  If the Raiders execute the change, they must see some potential in Curry to adapt to the 3-4.  

Curry is not built to be a 3-4 pass rushing linebacker, however.  He definitely has the speed to do so, and is strong as well.  If you watch the Chargers game on Thursday Night Football, you can see just how strong Curry is.  

He single-handedly took Marcus McNeill out for the season by running through him as if McNeill was an elementary student.  

But strength and speed are surprisingly not enough to be a good pass rusher.  In my time watching Curry, I have never seen exceptional pass rush moves from him.   Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders