A Super Bowl Story: Dave Dalby’s 3 Super Bowl Rings Take on a Deeper Meaning


When I was a child, there was a reader titled, "Look and See, Dick and Jane." I thought it was a redundant title. Later, I learned the true definition of "look" and "see." Now I know that we can look at things in life without really discerning the deeper meaning of those words, events and episodes.

Here is an article that, hopefully, will help us to look at Oakland Raiders' Dave Dalby and to "see" what the impact of having three Super Bowl rings can mean to some of us in 2012.


The Article

Some NFL players are yearning to get one Super Bowl ring. This Sunday, Feb 5, 2012, millions of fans will peer at television screens to see who becomes victorious in the battle between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

Dave Dalby and a few more Oakland Raiders and other players acquired three rings during their NFL careers. Those valuable rings are a symbol of victory in one of the most popular games in American football history.

When I toured the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio I saw so many versions of the NFL Super Bowl rings. They were mounted and exhibited in display cases and there were captions explaining the symbols on the ring and other historical facts.

Dalby, however, left more than a memory of his football achievements. His life story is powerful and it is a testimony that needs to be shared with millions of people.

First, Dalby was a player who replaced the great Jim Otto. Otto was a player who made his mark in NFL history, and Dalby, received the baton like a track star, and continued in his role as an offensive lineman.

Dalby also helped to make the Oakland Raiders a powerful team during its era in Los Angeles, California.

No doubt the memories of Dalby and other great players is what tempts fans to believe that the Oakland Raiders can flourish, again, amid the stars and glitter of Los Angel...

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