A Letter To JaMarcus Russell From a Raider Fan

This article is far different than any of my other articles I have written before. I tried not to include myself in any of my articles, so I apologize for doing so this time.

As a Raider fan I want JaMarcus Russell to succeed because it would finally give us stability in a position that we have lacked for many years. I want him to succeed because I know if he reaches his potential he is capable of doing big things with his talent.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I want him to succeed is because I can relate to him. Not only because we are the same age, but because we both possess a lot of talent and potential in our own respective careers.

I started at 21 but was too young to appreciate what it really meant. I went through two different "Coaches" and it took me time to adjust to each ones "game plan". I lost an important motherly figure in my life and it took me away from my "game" because it was my first loss like that.

While I wish everything would have clicked for me back then, I am somewhat grateful it didn't. The failures I went through and criticism I received made me stronger and I learned from my mistakes.

Today I am in a far better position than I was before, I am surrounded by better talent and my limitations are few.

I wrote a poem this morning to tell my story, and I know it can help and motivate others. Will Russell ever read it? I don't know, but I hope somebody does.

My Story

I’ve spent my whole life listening to people tell me what I could and couldn’t do,


People were setting my limitations for me, setting up road blocks I wouldn’t get through


Judged because I prayed different, I talked different and I didn’t look the same.


Had I bought into all the negativity, I would only have myself to blame.


To thos...

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