A Hard, Dark Place Produces Oakland Raiders In Glory, Beauty and Honor

Stages of development often are a part of something that becomes beautiful, glorious and honorable. Let's begin to look at the past seven years as the stage of development for what we anticipate in 2010.

We expect a beautiful, powerful and glorious team, the Oakland Raiders. Emerging from a hard, dark place somewhat like a cocoon, it has been a place of development.

Just as the length of time in the hard, dark place is different for different butterflies so it has been for the Oakland Raiders, a long, seven years.

But, during those seven years so much has been learned.

Quick fixes didn't work. We believe Al Davis has learned that lesson.

The team has had to wait for such a time as this, when so much talent is bonded together for a common cause. That cause is called victory or winning games.

Impatience would be like a human touching the strange looking structure hanging on a tree, say, in California. It is said that if a human touches the cocoon, it will hinder the development of the beautiful butterfly destined to emerge from the hard, dark place.

So, when we in the Raider Nation make those unrealistic proposals which may touch the development and image of the Oakland Raiders, we have touched a matter that deserves to stay put until the appropriate time comes forth for the full development of the team.

Many of us believe we are near that time, when the Oakland Raiders will emerge victorious once again.

As I continued comparing the development of the Oakland Raiders with the development of a beautiful butterfly, I also learned that even in the stage of development where the little form is in a protective covering and in an awkward place, hanging from a limb or leaf, so to speak, there is a defense all around it.

Some are protected by ants. Others are protected by sounds and vibrations which scare potential predators. And so in this creative comparis...

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