A Gleam of Dawn for the Oakland Raiders and Retired Players


Bob Carroll of the Professional Football Reseachers Association carefully watched over the production of the article, "A Gleam of Dawn" written a couple of years ago. He also did the illustration of Warren Wells.


"A Gleam of Dawn" was written under my real name. It is republished in an attempt to share some of the history of a senior Oakland Raider, who some recognize as one of the greatest wide receivers on Oakland's squad.


The honor of having limited exposure to this great athlete, Warren Wells, has broaden my awareness of the challenges and struggles of celebrity in the NFL, and with the Oakland Raiders. The hope is that the young Oakland Raiders will focus on the lessons to be learned and the pitfalls to be avoided. Wells was almost at the peak of his career when unusual circumstances stormed through his life.


In 2007 after 27 years of no contact with Wells, I was compelled to contact him. At that time, I felt strong enough to deal with some rather painful issues that clouded the life of my college friend.


Even now, I sometimes shed tears when I think about all that Wells has endured. Even more tears are shed when I read of the calamities that have clouded the lives of many active and retired NFL players and other athletes.


Recently the owner of a restaurant invited me to show him some of my articles, an oil painting soon to be completed by V. Corona, and pictures of Wells.


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