5 Potential Trap Games on Oakland Raiders’ 2015 Schedule

As we continue to slowly but surely make our way toward another season of Oakland Raiders football (kickoff is less than 100 days away!), and as the roster continues to take shape, we can start to look a little more closely at the 2015 schedule.

There's no way to determine at this time which games on the schedule will be "must-win" games. There's also no way to accurately tell, especially with a rebuilding team like Oakland, which games the team "should" win.

However, there are five games on the schedule that the Raiders can win. The Raiders now have the talent and the coaching, and these five opponents are beatable as long as Oakland plays to its full potential.

Oakland's on-field product will obviously be important. But just as important will be the team's mental approach to the matchups. When a team finds itself in a game that it can win but isn't mentally prepared, it can turn into a frustrating missed opportunity. This is something Oakland can't afford.

Here's a look at five potential trap games. These are games that the Raiders can win, but they'll find themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard if they aren't mentally ready.

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