5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Oakland Raiders’ Practice Squad in 2015

The Oakland Raiders have several developing talents worthy of future opportunities but not quite ready to take the field during the 2015 season.

The Raiders would benefit from stashing these talents on the practice squad for at least a year before activating them as part of the 53-man roster.

Practice squads serve as the breeding grounds for NFL rosters when in need of re-enforcements due to injury or subpar talent on the active roster. SBNation.com writer Matt Verderame outlines the guidelines and requirements for practice squads across the league.

Who should the Raiders harvest in the practice unit? Which players have the talent to become starters, but need some work on fine mechanics? Some of these talents play at positions already stacked with depth but have too much upside to release before the regular season.

We’ll discuss some young players with high potential worthy of keeping around the breeding grounds of Alameda.

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