5 Missing Pieces the Oakland Raiders Could Still Land on Offense

When we look at the 2013 Oakland Raiders roster, one thing we can't say about general manager Reggie McKenzie is that he didn't try.

With a salary cap situation as bad as anywhere around the league, McKenzie has done an admirable job at finding "value-level" talent to fill out the roster for the upcoming season.

Add that onto the successful draft, and the Raiders of 2013 look far more competitive than many people would have ever expected.

Now, obviously, this isn't a team that will be competing for a Super Bowl this year, but they've done a great job of preparing themselves for 2014 with a ton of cap space and some solid young players.

With that in mind, as the 2013 season is just around the corner, we took a look at some remaining free agents who Oakland could target to complete the roster heading into mini-camp.

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