33 Oakland Raiders Can Make a Difference Working with Seymour and Campbell

Are you encouraged about the Oakland Raiders? Some of us are.

I viewed the video showing Richard Seymour and Jason Campbell at a high school practice field inspiring their colleagues to workout while there is a lockout. These men are taking the responsibility of getting in shape. It means that they have been coached well and they know what to do.

The attention-getter was the announcement that 33 men showed up to practice and to build up momentum at the call of team leaders Richard Seymour and Jason Campbell. 

I love the number 33. It is a multiple of 11 and there are some interesting occurrences of the number in several places.

For example, research reveals that there are 33 pairs of nervous groups in the human vertebrae of the spinal column.

Another example from another source says that Christ performed 33 miracles.

Also, the United Nations logo represents a terrestrial globe divided in 33 fragments.

Believe it or not, the sportscaster mentions early in the video on www.raiders.com  that there were 33 Oakland Raiders who showed up to a practice session organized by Seymour and Campbell.

Could this be a good sign? Yes. If it only means that the young players are determined to maintain their momentum after an 8-8 season in 2010, it is a good thing.

Here is the link to the video just in case you want to see for yourself. Go to www.raiders.com.

Some good things are going to happen in the Oakland Raiders' franchise once this lockout is over. Do you believe it? Did you say, yes?


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