2012 NFL Draft: Forecasting the Raiders’ Picks

As the Raiders finally start their NFL Draft experience sometime later tonight (woohoo! Last pick on a Friday night! Party time!), I’m going to revisit the selections I made as the Raiders’ “General Manager” during Bleacher Report’s Community Mock Draft.

These selections were made based on who was still on the board after other team featured columnists made their picks, but in retrospect, I still like all of the selections I made. The only change I might make would be using a sixth-round pick on Matt Kalil’s mom. Seriously, have you seen this lady? Wowza.

Now, onto what you all came for: the picks. You all have some strong opinions when it comes to the draft, so I expect approximately zero readers to agree with all of my picks. But hey, what fun is having an opinion if you can’t argue about it? So here we go.

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