2011 NFL Draft: Is The Next JaMarcus Russell Lurking in this Draft Class?

According to a report on ESPN.com, JaMarcus Russell is being dumped again, this time by his "life coach" John Lucas.

When your life coach gives up on you, possibly because he doesn’t believe it's worth the time and effort, then you know you have been labeled a "lost cause."

Russell has not shown people he is committed to improving, losing/keeping off the weight and making a comeback in the NFL. It would be a nice story; the guy is only 25 years old, after all.

But it takes desire, and when a player doesn’t have it, why would teams want to take a risk? 

Teams might want to ponder this a bit before making selections in the first and second rounds of the upcoming draft—third and fourth rounds as well, since all of these picks are so tremendously valuable.

But the story of JaMarcus Russell is just too wild, right? It would be a stretch to think there is someone like him in this draft; a guy who combines raw, natural ability with a lazy and indifferent mode of existence.

Who are the ponzi schemes of this year’s draft? 

Here are some players to consider:


Nick Fairley, DT (Auburn)  

Fairley was graded the No. 1 DT before the combine, but has slipped so far that some wonder where he will land in the first round.

Many experts have dropped him on draft boards precisely because of his high-risk, high-reward label. He has the potential to be more of a force and talent than Warren Sapp, but he also has the potential to be Sapp-like with off-field issues.

Is he a basket case?

Does he take plays off?

Some draft analysts describe Fairley as incredibly talented, but also lazy and immature. He plays dirty, and money—not an enjoyment of the game—may be his real driving force.

This is all just speculation, but it...

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