2010 Oakland Raiders Returning to Greatness with Key Additions

The 2010 season Oakland Raiders have done a great job improving performance with the addition of key personnel. The first position that needed upgrade was QB. QB JaMarcus Russell holds the record for world's greatest NFL Bust, and, unfortunately, he gained it coming to Oakland. The Raiders went out and enrolled a young Jason Campbell, who had a rough start in Oakland but in the end he has become a Raider Nation favorite.

On both sides of the ball there have been key replacements and upgrading. Had it not been for some costly mistakes and losses this season, the Oakland Raiders were on their way to the playoffs. There was the missed field goal attempt by Sebastian Janikowski when the Silver and Black went to Arizona. That game should have been a win. Of course, the game at Jacksonville should have been another win, but the special teams  failed.

Looking back, well, it's all over . The best part is that the team was competitive this season. Although the Raiders are no longer in the hunt, they made NFL history when they defeated the Denver Broncos 59-14. They also defeated the AFC West, 5-0, at this point. Hopefully 6-0 when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday in Kansas.

Let's look at the players who improved performance and who were added to get the Raiders back into playoff contention by Dec 21, 2012.

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