2010 Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: Post Combine

Allow me to be the first to welcome the 2010 Oakland Raiders draft class into your living room. There will no doubt be surprises this year, the draft is deep. Some rookies will rise and some will take the inevitible plunge of doom into the late first round/second round range. The draft is always a good time and never fails to ammuse my small mindedness. This year I've been getting involved in the rookie class more than ever before. Trying to get a good feel for the direction that my favorite team might take on the fateful NFL day. This year's class of rookies promises to be one of the best draft day classes ever. The reason being that because of a possible uncapped season in 2010 in combination with the revolving idea that there may well be a NFL rookie salary cap in 2011 has brought all the little birdies out of the nest early. Another contributing factor to the outstanding rookie class was that many of last years junior stars decided to return to their respective schools for their senior seasons. I'm all about it. There will be first round talent in the second round this year, second round talent in the fourth, and I'm loving every minute of it. The following is my take on what will happen from the Raiders war room this year. There are needs galore for a team that has been known lately for their losing ways and lost much of the respect that they had gined during a time which they were the most winningest team in the NFL. It was a period that lasted about 30 years...back when they were a proud franchise. Hopefully the first draft of the new decade will bring us more players we can be proud to call our own in Raider Nation. One thing is for sure, it will be hard to flop with the first round choice this year. Almost every player on the board has a good looking future in the NFL.Begin Slideshow


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