2010 Oakland Raiders Draft: Lamarr Houston Means Defensive Options Galore

"...the Oakland Raiders select, Lamarr Houston, defensive tackle, Texas."

Wait. What? That can't be right, can it? The Raiders don't make two good picks in a row, do they? Apparently, they do!

Whoever is responsible for this draft-day turn around is officially on Raider Nation's Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice gift list (did I forget anyone?).

Lamarr Houston was not the best defensive tackle in the draft, but he is quite possibly the most versatile. He should be a nice addition to help improve Oakland's ailing defense.

Houston started his football career at running back, then grew—a lot!

He came to the University of Texas as a fullback, then bulked up even more and was moved to defensive line. Not to defensive tackle or defensive end, but to the line in general. He did it all.

Essentially, he is a 6'2", 300 pound, low-to-the-ground man-child with the athleticism of an offensive "skill player." He can play defensive end, defensive tackle, and even some goal-line fullback.

Versatility is a good thing, but what does it really mean to the team? Options!

The Raiders now have a defensive end that can play tackle in Richard Seymour, two defensive ends that can play linebacker in Trevor Scott and Quenton Groves, a safety that can play cornerback in Michael Huff, and now a defensive tackle that can play defensive end and even fullback.

The fact is, the Raiders have always had versatility in the linebacker corps and secondary, but never has Oakland had versatility like this on the defensive line.

Now they do!

Think about the possibilities. Oakland could, in theory, line up in a 4-3, then switch to a 3-4 (or vice-versa) after the opposing offense makes its adjustments. Seymour at tackle with Houston flanked by Scott and Wimbley in front of McClain, Howard, and Morrison for a 4-3 passing situation.

Houston and Kelly ...

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