2010 Oakland Raiders 53-Man Roster To Start the 2010 Season

The final roster cuts were made and now it is time to evaluate them. 

To me a 53-man roster has to be two deep at each position, one kicker, one punter, one deep snapper, a third QB, a third TB, a third TE, a fifth WR, a seventh LB, and a ninth DB. 

The Raiders apparently have a different philosophy on that.  Let's take a look at each position (or unit of positions) and how they graded out.



Jason Campbell is the starter and will be a major upgrade over JaMarcus Russell.  As far as I know Bruce Gradkowski will be the No. 2 quarterback.  He amazed the fans last year by leading the Raiders to comeback wins over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. 

Unfortunately that was too good to last, because he went down and was lost for the season at halftime against the Redskins and we were back to the same old Raiders. 

This preseason, however, he looked like he was alive and well and ready for the season to begin.  Hopefully if his number is called he'll stay healthy this time. 

Kyle Boller pretty much won the No. 3 quarterback job when Charlie Frye went out for the season with a wrist injury.  I feel Boller is an upgrade because he is already familiar with Hue Jackson's offense. 

Grade: B+...None of these guys are All-Stars, but they have good potential.



It is still up in the air as to whether or not Michael Bush or Darren McFadden is the starter.  With Bush's thumb injury, it appears to be McFadden for now. 

Michael Bennett made some good noise in the preseason and showed to be a reliable third tailback.  Rock Cartwright has the ability to play both tailback and fullback as well as return kicks. 

Bush led the Raiders in rushing last year despite not having the most carries.  McFadden has yet to show ab...

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