2010 NFL Mock Draft: Let’s Be Realistic Prior To The Combine

It’s time to make the first go-round of the year by discussing the NFL Draft and making a prediction prior to the Combine this coming Saturday.

Hey, this is all subjective analysis—there are too many so-called draft experts today that rely on Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. They may seem to know what’s going to happen ahead of time, but I would hope they know what they’re talking about—they do work for ESPN.

As long as they give us a better version than Cris Carter. He is a former NFL player, not a draft expert. On draft weekend last year he sounded like an idiot. Poor Chris Berman—he's been there forever listening to all this jibber-jabber. It’s funny. The past few years he's just going with the flow. (You got to love it when the Raiders pick. “THE RAIDER’RS,” Berman says.)

Here is my crazy NFL mock draft prior to the Combine. The mock describes possibilities without making any actual predictions. Kiper, if you read this, I agree with you—Jimmy Clausen is a bit overrated, though the Rams need a quarterback, and he may just fit.


1. St. Louis Rams

For the St. Louis Rams, it may seem as simple as eating a piece of pie, though the Rams organization is not dumb—they are going to pick DT Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska.

Coach Spagnuolo needs to play to his strength and rebuild his defense with an elite talent on the defensive line. Though there is a lot of talk of the Rams taking a quarterback, Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford may have too many questions for a No. 1 overall pick.

If there is a slight chance they do not acquire a quarterback through trade or free agency and decide to take the risk of selecting a quarterback, they will most likely go with Clausen, since he better fits their team and we have no idea about the shoulder of Bradford.


2. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions select second in the draft—their selection w...

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