2010 NFL Mock Draft: AFC West Edition

In 2010, the San Diego Chargers could very well fall down the charts in the AFC West.

To avoid this, they cannot continue to be a one dimensional passing team. They also have to fix the non-existing running game, and shore up that defense with a nose tackle.

Denver is close to the team you saw last year. In 2009 they had it, but lost their swagger. Do they draft wide receiver Dez Bryant now that Brandon Marshall is now gone or bring in a player who could be the future of their defense?

Oakland is a lost soul with Al Davis at the helm of the franchise. JaMarcus Russell doesn't even know where he is when he is on the field, so why not get a football player who is will to earn the money you pay him and actually be worth the pay check?

The Kansas City Chiefs can make some good moves this year and sneak up on opposing teams. The offseason moves that will mainly help will be with the personnel additions.


No 5. Kansas City Chiefs: OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa 

2009 Record: 4-12

The Kansas City Chiefs still lack the correct presence at left tackle and I don’t think they can afford to pass on this rookie who can start from day one.

The Chiefs need to keep Matt Cassel upright. Bryan Bulaga should be able to keep him off his back and has the chance to be a good pass-protector at this level.

Bulaga communicates well with the guard, while staying poised in pass protection, and does a sufficient job of picking up the blitz.

He gets down and sets up quickly, locks out his arms, and can drive explosive pass rushers past the pocket. He also shows excellent body control and footwork when forced to redirect.

The Chiefs could also snatch safety Eric Berry up with the No. Five pick, but spending that amount of money on a top five pick at the safety position just doesn’t make sense.

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