2010 NFL Draft: With the Eighth Overall Pick, the Oakland Raiders…

The Oakland Raiders select offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, University of Maryland. 


This guy has Al Davis written all over him and at 6'7, 316 pounds this guy is a beast of a man. Regardless of what the so called NFL draft experts say, I believe Bruce Campbell will turn into a great player for whatever team he is drafted for.

People are so quick to judge when the truth is you have no clue on what your talking about. This whole process is the beauty of the NFL draft. A lot of these players get hyped up because they come from winning college programs, they force you to believe that certain players are better then others.

In the case of Bruce Campbell, this guy was born on May 25, 1988 and is only 20-years-old. I know inside we want someone who the NFL experts have ranked high to come on our team, but the potential of Bruce Campbell is scary. Could you picture him in another four to five years from now, just how much bigger and stronger he will be.

Honest, when I watched the NFL combine I didn't know much about any of the offensive linemen coming out of college, but when I saw Bruce Campbell for the first time, I was amazed by his size, speed, and just overall look.

Bruce Campbell would look so nice in a Oakland Raiders' jersey. Just picture him and Robert Gallery on the left side and moving Mario Henderson to right tackle. Regardless weather we select Bruce Campbell, I think the best move for the Oakland Raiders is to select a top offensive tackle with the eighth pick.

However, don't be shocked if you hear Bruce Campbell's name. Instead just know that we are getting a beast of a man. I've heard a lot about him not getting any ALL-ACC votes for the ACC conference team, but so what? Who cares?

This is the NFL. Here he will be blocking for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, two elite runners, and he will be playing under a...

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