2010 NFL Draft: What Can Raider Nation Expect In Days 2 and 3 Of Draft?

With an NFL Draft like this, this is the closest a Christian like me might come to understanding the joys from eight days of gifts that Jewish people receive for Chanukah.

I think Roger Goodell may have just created the sports version of Chanukah.

First of all, I'd to expand on my thoughts about the selection of linebacker Rolando McClain from the University of Alabama.

I was stunned by the pick of McClain.

Early on, I thought McClain was possible, but never had the Raiders taking McClain in my Mocks, because Al Davis has rarely drafted LBs in the first-round. The Raiders definitely needed a linebacker, but I figured that it would be addressed in the third-round or later.

I did however have the Raiders taking DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech in one Mock, in order to upgrade the run defense.  In that regard, I was close, because I correctly identified the run defense as a priority and that the Raiders would pass on the available linemen at eighth overall.

The most shocking moment however - and I would add classic moment - was to see the look in the eyes of Tom Jackson as he had to concede that the Raiders had made a smart pick.

The odd hush or moment of silence by the ESPN panelists was in fact to pay respects to the now dead program that Al Davis is crazy.

The funny thing is that the Raiders are still in position to get an OT or QB in the second- round - which most people expected to be the the top pick. Ironically, the two players that had been projected in most mocks were Jimmy Clausen and Bruce Campbell, both of whom are still available.

I made the comparison between McClain and Patrick Willis, both of whom are fom the SEC.  Others have compared McClain to Ray Lewis and Junior Seau.

When the top linemen (o and d) were gone, the Raiders turned to the best "football player" in the draft.  Not necessarily the most talented, but m...

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